Consulting Services

Xcel Capital Partners

Enhancing and Growing Real Estate Investments

Xcel Capital Partners provides customized solutions to owners, investors and operators to supplement and enhance their decision-making process. Xcel’s independence, coupled with its deep knowledge built from 30 years of experience analyzing capital markets and real estate across property sectors, provides clients with personalized solutions that address their particular needs.

We have analyzed hundreds of billions of dollars of commercial real estate over several decades, including all investment property classes, ranging from multi-property portfolios to single-property assets. This broad exposure combined with the experiences of owning and operating over 5 million square feet since 1999, gives us both broad perspective and deep expertise on the many factors that influence real estate investment, development and management.

Whether you are buying, selling or repositioning; whether your need is a short-term project or a long-range strategy, Xcel offers experience and unbiased insights as an adjunct to private and institutional clients seeking to enhance and grow their real estate investments.

Xcel Capital Partners